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Article number: 1515Updated on: 13-05-2019

NHSmail Password Reset

It is now possible to reset your own NHS Mail password via the NHS Mail online portal.

Before you can reset your password you must already have completed steps 1 & 2 on the NHS Mail portal:

1.) Link your mobile phone to your profile

  • Open your web browser & navigate to
  • Login
  • Click Profile on navigation bar
  • Enter mobile phone number
  • Choose ‘Hide mobile number from address book’
  • click Next

2.) Set up 3 Security Questions linked to your account

  • Type a question of your choice into the Question textbox and type the correct answer into the Answer textbox under Security Question 1.
  • Repeat for Security Questions 2 and 3 and click Save

    Important! Each Question/Answer
    1. Must be different
    2. Must be between 6 and 12 characters long
    3. Must Not use repeating numbers of letters, e.g. 1111 or a
  • A space will count as a character, entries are case sensitive

IMPORTANT! Never share your Security Questions or Answers with anyone as this will compromise the security of your NHS Mail account.

3.) Resetting your Password

If you have mistyped or forgotten your NHS Mail password, do not attempt to enter more than twice as you will be locked out of your account. Instead, choose the Forgotten Password link and follow the on screen prompts to reset your password.

Make sure you have your mobile phone with you. If you’ve answered the question correctly you will receive a temporary password sent as a text to your mobile phone. Use this password to log into your account.

If you are locked out of your account please call the Service Desk on the number below.

IMPORTANT! You will never be asked for the whole answer to your Security Question, only individual characters from it.

Remember every user of the NHS Mail service is required to sign up to the Acceptable Use Policy

  • Make sure you use the NHS Mail service properly.
  • Don’t do anything to compromise the security of the information you send or receive.
  • Be mindful of the information you share with staff, the public and patients

For further instruction on registering and configuring your account please refer to