NHS workforce and education tracking systems

With changes to national funding arrangements, commissioning authorities need systems which can flex to meet the latest legislation while still allowing access to historic data.  MLCSU’s portfolio of workforce education monitoring systems includes:

PETD (Professional Education, Training and Development)

Honed over several years of use and refinement by Health Education England’s (HEE) North West office (and its predecessor organisations), the PETD is one of the most advanced and detailed workforce systems in the health service. 

In the North West footprint, it is used to trigger multi-million pound payments to HEIs, after collecting and importing activity data exported from their systems. The system’s features in terms of recording and reconciling individual learners’ activity, while presenting it in numerous different views (by HEI, by Trust, by cohort, by module), is second to none. Equally the financial calculations and cross-checks provide Health Education England with a robust statement model to inform payments. An informative dashboard fronts the system providing the Workforce team with an instant summary view.

As the national funding model evolves, so does PETD. In the North West its focus is shifting to its inbuilt module to manage LDA activity, while summer 2018 saw the latest version of PETD deployed to the Health Education England London office to provide monitoring of national HEI activity for learners from the Pharmacy Integration Fund. The London team plan to add the finance module of PETD later.

This pick and mix approach forms the basis of PETD’s future roadmap; commissioners taking individual modules of PETD as and when required. We would be pleased to provide you with an online demonstration of PETD and to discuss how it could be of use to your organisation.

ROSTA (Register of Skills, Training and Achievements)

Released in early 2017, ROSTA captures staff’s compliance with mandatory Core Skills training. In mandatory use across the North West, ROSTA takes regular uploads from the HEIs, checks them and converts them into records.

The system understands and records the complexities of placements and presents the data as meaningful summarised information in a number of reports.

STEP (Skills, Training and Education Passport)

With technical development starting in Autumn 2018, STEP promises to deliver the 'Skills Passport' which has been desired for so long by education commissioners and learners alike.

It will collect and present Core Skills data like ROSTA (Register of Skills, Training and Achievements), but will add all other training activity and placement experience to create a record which the individual can view and present to employers, via a 'My Account' view. Equally, it will hold a high-value data set for workforce management. 

STEP is much anticipated and will be a transformational product.