Why choose us?

We are NHS people and with a track record stretching back to the first Health Informatics Services, we know how to make things work for fellow NHS and wider public sector organisations.  This is more than marketing speak; we genuinely know how to work efficiently with your IT staff, to get order and payments through SBS and to apply our shared knowledge of the standards we all have to meet:  you’ll never need to explain to us the latest requirements of the IG Toolkit for example.  And we know all about how GDPR affects NHS departments: from informal networks to the largest Acute Trusts.


We meet you face to face, over Teams or a combination of the two – whichever works best.


We're experts in the NHS Data Security and Protection Toolkit (formerly the IG Toolkit)


We know you may need to spend money at the end of the financial year and we can accommodate that.


We comply with GDPR: we’ll provide you with a Privacy Impact Assessment and a System Level Security Plan.


We accept Purchase Orders for all our services. No credit card obstacles.


We use SBS for processing payments.


We do reply: phone or e-mail, we always respond.


We provide all-in quotes, clearly itemised, with all the details you need to make a decision and all the admin details your procurement staff need to raise a PO.


We do the Project Management: there's no need for you to put your busy staff onto PM. We just ask you to participate in the project team, for decisions and sign-offs.


We liaise with your IT Department. We want them to be happy with the system or web site we're producing for you, so we talk to them in advance about your local IT arrangements.


So do call us for help or advice about your requirement for a web site, a system or any of our other services. It'll be a pleasure to assist.