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Project Request Form

This form should be used to raise non-standard requests for IT. A non-standard request is typically an activity that requires greater than ½ days effort to complete. Such requests are not covered within the contract held with MLCSU and as such may be chargeable.

On receipt of the form it will be assessed to confirm it is a 'project' request. A member of the project team will review the form and where necessary clarify any further requirements with you. To help speed up the process please complete as much detail on the form as possible. Once the initial requirements are understood, it will be discussed with your organisations appointed IT lead to agree a priority for progression.

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Request Owner
Request Origin

This field is mandatory for ECNT, without this your request cannot be processed

This field is mandatory for ECNT, without this your request cannot be processed

Lead Customer

Name, Job TItle & Contact Details (i.e. the person who can best describe the requirements)

Any other individuals who can help define the requirements – colleagues/ 3rd party suppliers/ specific CSU staff etc: Name & contact details


  • What systems do the users already have?
  • Is a new system being introduced? If so has the client already identified which one?
  • Is a system upgrade required? What is the vendors minimum technical specification?


  • Who needs access to the solution and for what purpose?
  • When is access required?
  • Where is access required from (site and context, i.e. fixed base, mobile working, remote)?
  • How many users will access the solution, in total and concurrently?


  • What type of data is involved?
  • What volume of data is involved (initial and anticipated growth rate)?
  • What are the data retention requirements?
  • Data access/security requirements – e.g. Smartcard, Active Directory


  • Is there data coming from (or going to) external systems?
  • Are there restrictions on the format or method that must be used for input or output?
  • What is the frequency and volume of data exchange?


  • Who will support the solution once live? If CSU, then which elements; server infrastructure, operating system, applications, desktop hardware?
  • Are there any specific support requirements that differ from an existing SLA?
  • What are the core hours when the system must be available?


  • Is new hardware/software required/anticipated?

Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity

  • In the event of a disaster, how quickly must the system be restored/how long can the service operate under their business continuity plans?