Road map

The UBook roadmap provides estimated release dates and descriptions for features. All information is subject to change. As a feature or product becomes generally available, is cancelled or postponed, information will be removed from this page.

The UBook roadmap: Last updated on 28th September 2023


A user with a BookingAdmin role to be an admin to multiple locations

Ability for a user to have the BookingAdmin role for multiple locations.

Target release: April 2024

Ability to turn on/off the claim function on certain resources at a location

Ability to turn on the claim function for a location, but turn off the option at selected resources.

Target release: April 2024

An email sent to users who have recurrently not checked in to their booking

A facility where UBook auto emails to staff who've repeatedly not claimed their bookings a certain number of times.

Target release: April 2024


Allow resources to be shared across UBook instances

Ability for a resource to be available on different UBook instances showing availability and the ability to make a booking.

Report of rebooked resources after a cancellation

Report of cancellations within a chosen time frame, and how close they are to the booking start date e.g. x number of booking that were cancelled 24 hours before they were due to start with timescale set by start and end date.

Report of bookings made within a timescale

Report of bookings within a chosen time frame, for example the number of bookings were made 24 hours before they were due to start with timescale set by start and end date.