Urgent / Critical Requests

Accessing IT assistance during this critical period

MLCSU IT Services requests that you utilise Self Service / self-help facilities for non-urgent queries where possible.  All non-urgent queries must be logged using the Self-Service Portal on Sostenuto.

MLCSU IT Self Service Portal

Where a call is not of an urgent nature, MLCSU IT request that customers log a call via the Sostenuto Self Service Portal.  Details on how to access the portal can be found here.

Services Available via Forms - Smart Forms will need to be completed for non-urgent Service requests.  Forms can be found on the customer portal.

Self Service Password Resets

For even quicker password resets and a greater level of autonomy, see NHSmail self-service for password resets and account unlocks

Critical or High Priority Issues

All Critical or High priority issues must be logged to the MLCSU IT Service Desk via the phone on 0300 555 0212. Any calls logged via email or Self Service will have less priority.

Critical priority definition:

  • Whole critical system is unavailable to everyone
  • Significant impact on patient care
  • Business function is halted completely, and interim restoration is not possible.

High Priority definition:

  • Whole system is unavailable for a site or group of users
  • Moderate impact on patient care
  • Part of the system functionality is not available, but a workaround is available.