All in one forms

Midlands and Lancashire CSU employees please continue to use our own form - MLCSU All in one form

Birmingham and Solihull ICB (BSOL) employees and associated GP practices: Birmingham and Solihull ICB IT All in one form

Black Country ICB employees: Black Country ICB IT All in one form

Cheshire and Merseyside ICB employees: Cheshire & Merseyside ICB IT All in one form

East Cheshire Trust employees: East Cheshire Trust IT All in one form

Lancashire and South Cumbria ICB employees: LSC ICB IT All in one form

Other Cheshire Clients: Other Cheshire Clients IT All in one form

Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin ICB employees: STW ICB IT All in one form

The All in One smartform can be used to request the following:

  • Windows
    • New domain accounts or changes to existing accounts
    • Shared drive/folder access
    • Remote access requests
  • NHS Mail
    • New accounts
    • Previous accounts to be marked as a leaver
    • Specific N365 licenses to be applied
  • Sostenuto contact record and self-service access
  • ID/swipe card with access to some Cheshire buildings
  • Phone system access
  • Reassigning of existing IT equipment

Once you have completed the form, it will then log your request and you will receive the standard email with the details and your call reference. Depending on the access required, you may receive multiple call reference numbers, as some requests go to different teams – this will ensure that the calls get to the relevant team at the point of submission, and that nothing gets missed from your request.

Finally as normal; when the call is updated or resolved, you will receive the normal update emails or you can check the status of your request via the Self Service Portal. Should you need guidance using the Self Service Portal, please see our instructions here.